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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eat Your Heart Out

With so much time on my hand since quitting from my last job, 
I have been looking for ways to make the most of my day. There's grooming and playing with my dog, wedding stuff, blogging and surfing the web, doing the laundry and tidying up the house.
Still, I feel I have plenty of time left for the day and most of the time I just spend it sleeping and it makes me so tired and feeling bummed.

Getting a full-time job as of the moment is not an option and while I am looking for a part-time gig, I turned to pastry. Lately I have been playing with the baking oven my mother gave me for Christmas.
My fiancee is my not-so-critical judge as he praises all of my creations.

I have done a couple by following basic recipes online and adding my personal twist to it.
They're pretty easy to make and when I am confident enough, I will be sharing my personal recipes on here.
For the meantime, please have a look at the pictures and let me know if they look yum or not.

My Caramelized Bread Pudding with Hershey's and Cadbury Raisins and Nuts Chocolate

My fiancĂ©e's Favourite French Toast with Marmalade and  Strawberry Jam

Heart Shaped Brownie Cake Topped with Crunchy Cadbury Chocolate

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Heart Pinterest

Not until recently, I have always been a Facebook fan. I like that I can share quotes, my thoughts and realizations to my network. I like that when people comment and let me know that they either appreciate what I posted, found it amusing or is sympathizing.

Lately though I have discovered Pinterest and got really hooked in this. Boy, I pinterest like crazy that I even do it just to put me to sleep. I am so amused at everything that is pinned on there. From crafts, food, decor, quotes, fashion to places! It inspired me a lot that even though I have no followers on it, I don't mind because in it, I have my own world. I feel like I am window shopping which is one of my favourite activities.

On the crafts category, I keep my own pin board for it which I gingerly named "Creative Corner". I re-pinned stuff that I want to do in the future and true enough just yesterday I was able to recreate one!

I saw this super easy to do DIY Weekly Menu Board. What do you think of my very own Menu Board?

You only need a whiteboard marker and eraser to write on it. I figured it is perfect! No messy chalk, it is more waterproof than the old chalkboard and the templates are cute! Now I am thinking of using a frame for my To do's Board!

If you would like to check out how it works and how it is done, you may refer to this helpful website. Have fun!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting Married

The details of planning and budgeting for a wedding is stressing me big time!
So before I lose my cool and turn into a bridezilla, I decided to write about my experience.
Hence, a new blog was created.

I intend for this blog to be my tracker so I can look back at all this and know what I did and how I pulled it off. Not that I plan on getting married again, I think this will be a nice reference for other new brides, event coordinators or fellow readers who are going through the exact same thing right now.

The blogs name is Weddings and Blogs. First on the agenda is create a mood board.
Below is a picture of it. Tell me what do you think of the new blog and the mood board. :)

My Beach Wedding Mood Board

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tea, Brownie or FB?

Sitting on a rainy evening sleepy and bored to my wits waiting for boyfie to finish work so we can go home.

Tea, a cup of warm brownie and FB seems to be a good company...

La Marea, Tea, Warm Brownie

Friday, June 28, 2013

To Eat or Not to Eat

I often times don't let what other people say get to me but these days I have seen a lot of bullying and ganging up on skinny people. While I agree that people should not starve themselves just to achieve a certain weight, people should also be sensitive to skinny people. We have feelings too and I for one did ask to be like this.

All my life I have been skinny. I've tried supplements, workouts, pigging out and even oriental ways of gaining weight but none worked. I would gain a couple of pounds then lose them eventually when stressed or sleep deprived.

My point though is, a lot of people whine because they are fat and that life would be easier if they lose weight when they have not even tried hearing or reading the lines "anorexic", "feed her", "throw food at her" yada yada...

We all have different metabolism and people should know that first before ridiculing someone because of their body frame. Think it is hard when people criticize you for being fat? Try being crucified for being thin.

Skinny picture in My Life Salad

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Digesting Your Reads

Here is my dog's take on the term "Reader's Digest".
She's a pup and munching on stuff is nothing but natural to her especially when it's my favorite books!

Reader's Digest in My Life Salad

Notice the one on the middle? It's about cat spells, I guess she hates em. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Romance with Happiness

 I have been in constant pursuit of happiness that it has become a love-hate relationship with myself. I love myself when I am happy and I hate myself to the core when I am not.

Happiness for me is defined as that warm feeling inside me. It can be a twinge of that feeling that comes as a smile, or it can be an outburst of loud laugh and sometimes tears.

I am most of the time happy. Yet, there are days when I feel so depressed that I don't feel like moving and want to be just over and done with the day.

I am blessed. In so many ways, I know.
I have come to acknowledge that happiness is not a permanent thing.
Some days you soak in it, some days, no matter how you crave for it, you just can't find it.
Maybe, that's the way it should be.

Romance with happiness in My Life Salad
image from lovable quotes