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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Heart Pinterest

Not until recently, I have always been a Facebook fan. I like that I can share quotes, my thoughts and realizations to my network. I like that when people comment and let me know that they either appreciate what I posted, found it amusing or is sympathizing.

Lately though I have discovered Pinterest and got really hooked in this. Boy, I pinterest like crazy that I even do it just to put me to sleep. I am so amused at everything that is pinned on there. From crafts, food, decor, quotes, fashion to places! It inspired me a lot that even though I have no followers on it, I don't mind because in it, I have my own world. I feel like I am window shopping which is one of my favourite activities.

On the crafts category, I keep my own pin board for it which I gingerly named "Creative Corner". I re-pinned stuff that I want to do in the future and true enough just yesterday I was able to recreate one!

I saw this super easy to do DIY Weekly Menu Board. What do you think of my very own Menu Board?

You only need a whiteboard marker and eraser to write on it. I figured it is perfect! No messy chalk, it is more waterproof than the old chalkboard and the templates are cute! Now I am thinking of using a frame for my To do's Board!

If you would like to check out how it works and how it is done, you may refer to this helpful website. Have fun!

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